Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Family Pics

After a fantastic breakfast and Easter mass, we took a few family pictures on the deck before it started to rain...

The best of the boys together....

Aside from their hug. :)

Easter Saturday

Lauren, Aaron, Jen, Brendan, Kathy and Don joined us for Easter this year.  Nick cooked an amazing holiday meal and we had a great time visiting.  Ben was especially excited to have so many people to play with!

Ben's eggs and table decorations...

I made two cakes for Easter for the sole purpose of using some of the sugar flowers I made during my cake decorating class in January.  

Easter Eggs!

Yesterday, Ben and I decorated Easter eggs.  We decided to do it when Lincoln was napping because I figured we'd lose more eggs on the floor than anything else.  Ben enjoyed doing the eggs more this year  than any other year and he did a great job!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Bunny 2013

Today, we went to Linvilla Orchards to take a hayride to the Easter Bunny's house.  This is the third year we have done the trip and it didn't disappoint.  This is the first year without the Ganas girls - Christa, Kate and Brooke - we missed you!  Jen joined us again this year as it's her spring break.  It was a little colder than past years, but definitely worth it!

The boys enjoyed some of Linvilla's famous apple cider doughnuts while waiting for the hayride.

Ready to go!

The boys both sat nicely and enjoyed the ride through the orchards to see the Easter Bunny.  I took lots of pictures of their expressions but of course most of them were blurry because of all the bouncing.

Posing with the bunny.  Lincoln was a little nervous at first and wouldn't take his eyes off him.  Ben was a little nonchalant about saying hi, but did give him a big hug and enjoyed eating ALL of the candy they handed out.

Tried to get a picture with the boys, but their attention was definitely on the Easter Bunny.

By the time the Easter Bunny made it around the hayride, Lincoln was ready to give a hug.

Big Wheel!  When we got off, Ben wanted to "measure his weight" with the wheel of the tractor that was pulling our hayride.  (He also asks me how tall I am when I get off the scale in the morning....he's just a little confused.)

Guitar Brothers

Lincoln has inherited Ben's love of the guitar.   As with a lot of his words, he forgets the first sounds and calls it his "AARRR" - which is also the same way he says "car."  I should write more of an update on his words.  He says everything now...although I may be the only person who can understand him!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Nick didn't think the kids had good "green gear" for today so he ordered them Celtics shirts.  They looked really cute, but it was nearly impossible to get them to sit still long enough to take a picture.

Nick had them stand backwards to get a picture of the back of their shirts...Lincoln took that as a signal to start climbing the wall....literally.  Oh yeah, and Ben is wearing my boots.  Just another day at the Kray house.

Hugs. :)

Ganas girls come for a visit

Mine and the boys' best friends have returned for a visit from Michigan.  Lincoln greeted Brookie with a hug and Ben pretty much clobbered Kate.  Hope we can get them to sit down to take a picture together before they head home.  So happy to have them down the block for the week!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Some more play time...

A McDonalds picnic.  An experiment in Lincoln's ability to sit still.  Didn't go so well.

The boys on top of the mountain they created out of our couch cushions.

A funny looking doctor and his patient.

Ben's attempt at using my camera (an extra hand on the camera in case he decided to drop it!).  I think the picture came out pretty cute.

Playing at home...

I asked the boys to smile and Ben could hardly take his eyes off my phone.  Glad to get some cute pictures of my boys though.  We've been out of picture mode lately.

Pop Pop's visit.

Pop Pop came to visit with an experimental beard.  The boys decided it was "scratchy" and "funny."

Officer Lincoln

Did I put these up yet?  I can't remember.  Lincoln loving Ben's new police costume.