Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ben today...

Ben was quite afraid of our cleaning lady today....but when she pulled out the vacuum cleaner, he loved her. He sat, stone-faced, and watched her vacuum the whole family room and dining room without moving a muscle.

Daddy surprised Ben by arriving home very early and took him out for a spin in his new car.

Ben couldn't have been happier!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ben at home

Ben playing peek-a-boo

And practicing standing up.

Grandma taught Ben how to wink today. Sometimes he got it and sometimes he just looked like this:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sand and water fun

On Saturday, we went over to the Siwicki's for a "Welcome Back" dinner. Before dinner, the boys played at Gavin's new sand and water table. They had a great time, ate a little sand and splashed a lot of water. They were completely drenched by the time we decided playtime was over...

And both ended up needing a complete change of clothes. With clothes removed, Ben escaped to try out Gavin's fantastic table. He has a thing for little chairs lately.

Thanks for having us over, guys! We are happy to be back in time for BBQ season. :)

Benny Walking

On Sunday, Ben surprised us by standing on his own and taking a few steps! Here's the video to prove it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Seeing the Wolf Family

One of the best things about being back home is seeing our friends! Tonight, we went over the Brad and Colleen's to play and for dinner. We took advantage of beautiful weather and their new swing set (is that what you call it when it's more than just swings?).

Charlie has gotten so big and soooo cute!

Ben LOVED this super-fast slide.

Ben, surprisingly, did really well in the grass.

Checking out the other outside equipment.

Charlie was trying to give Ben a hug.

And teach him about sitting in a little chair.

The boys were so cute together. Can't wait for the new little Wolf to be born in 2 1/2 weeks or less!

Ben's new playroom

I wish I had a before picture! We did A LOT of cleaning out this week and ended up with pretty empty basement to move Ben's toys into so he has an actual playroom now. Nick still needed a desk to work at so he's been banished to the little corner behind the couch. Hopefully, it will be enough space for him. We still have a little work to do on the wires and everything, but this is basically Ben's new playroom!

The "office"

Ben's new Ikea storage system......I realize it's never going to be this organized (each shelf and drawer currently has a theme....think he'll stick to that??).

Ben is very happy down here!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So here is the back of Ben's head after his haircut. I miss the curls!

Happy to show off his new 'do.

I had a great idea to get a picture of Ben in his chair as I did on all of his "birthdays" last year. He did NOT think this was a good idea. I'll try again another time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

16 Months!

To celebrate Ben's 16 month birthday, not only was it our first day home from our months in MD....but we took him for his 1st haircut.

Before.....note the whispy curls behind his ears. It's amazing how different he looks without them!

In the chair and ready to go! He was excited about the Wiggles singing on the little TV in front of him.

He loved the toy they gave him. I don't even think he noticed the girl cutting his hair.

Ready to cut off his curls! I'll be interested to see if they come back as his hair grows. We aren't sure if they were just baby curls or if his hair is really curly. We'll see!

Whispy free. No more mullet!

We'll have to post a picture of the back tomorrow. We forgot to take one!

A little update on what Ben's up to now that he's 16 months old:
- Enjoying walking a lot more while ALWAYS holding on to something. Still not walking on his own.
- Babbling all kinds of sounds, but the only thing consistent is still "hi." He finally babbles mamamama, but I am not sure he associates it with me yet.
- He's into everything!
- He definitely lets us know what he wants with his hand motions, pointing, grabbing, etc. Who needs words?
- He loves outside and points/yells at birds, squirrel, trucks, etc.

We are excited to start our spring/summer with a toddler. There's lots to come in the next few months! Happy 16 months, Ben!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

L&J's pictures...

Ben loves his walks....

Especially with his aunts!

For the last time in MD......Jack and Ben

Ben played some music (with the child proof pill bottle) while Jack danced.

After months....SHARING! :)

Reminiscing about all the fun here in Bethesda...

The first picture we have of Ben and Jack, Jack's giving Ben a hug. Now, the tables have turned.....Ben "hugs" Jack with his head.

More hugs...

Jack reading to Ben...

"Fish kisses"

Everything is a phone.

Lauren, Jen, Mom and Dad came over to say goodbye to Ben today (after watching him for us while we packed). We are going to miss being so close to you! Come visit SOON!