Monday, April 19, 2010

16 Months!

To celebrate Ben's 16 month birthday, not only was it our first day home from our months in MD....but we took him for his 1st haircut.

Before.....note the whispy curls behind his ears. It's amazing how different he looks without them!

In the chair and ready to go! He was excited about the Wiggles singing on the little TV in front of him.

He loved the toy they gave him. I don't even think he noticed the girl cutting his hair.

Ready to cut off his curls! I'll be interested to see if they come back as his hair grows. We aren't sure if they were just baby curls or if his hair is really curly. We'll see!

Whispy free. No more mullet!

We'll have to post a picture of the back tomorrow. We forgot to take one!

A little update on what Ben's up to now that he's 16 months old:
- Enjoying walking a lot more while ALWAYS holding on to something. Still not walking on his own.
- Babbling all kinds of sounds, but the only thing consistent is still "hi." He finally babbles mamamama, but I am not sure he associates it with me yet.
- He's into everything!
- He definitely lets us know what he wants with his hand motions, pointing, grabbing, etc. Who needs words?
- He loves outside and points/yells at birds, squirrel, trucks, etc.

We are excited to start our spring/summer with a toddler. There's lots to come in the next few months! Happy 16 months, Ben!!


Karen said...

Aw, love the new ' fresh & so clean! ;) Oh yeah, and welcome home! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Kathy said...

He's getting to be such handsome young man! I can't wait till I see him in a couple of weeks!

Papi said...

Happy birthday Ben! Love, Papi

Jen said...

Big day for Big Benny!

Brian Shields said...

What a good boy!! And he looks so cute (with our without curls). Can't wait to see you soon!