Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Port Discovery

Today, we went to Baltimore to Port Discovery, which is a children's museum. Ben, Jack and Sean had a great time investigating!

Sean was saying the block, I guess. :)

Ryan had a blast....he slept the WHOLE time!

This was Ben's favorite toy in the "Sensation Station."

Ben and Jack in the water room

This was a cute picture...until Jack tried to climb IN the water!

Huge bubble...this was as high as I could get it without breaking.

This was as close as I got to getting a picture of Ben with Curious George.

Ben's favorite spot overall. We spent a good part of our morning in this "office" learning the history of Curious George.

Testing Ben's standing ability.

Ben and Jack in the inner harbor. They were both so good at lunch!

Sean posing with Ben...Ben was distracted by the boats.

Fun day! I can't believe we only have a week and a half left. :(

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