Friday, April 2, 2010

Genesis Park Easter Egg Hunt

We organized an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids in Nick's PwC program here at our apartment complex. This was Ben's first egg. He didn't really "get" the idea and continued to be afraid of the grass.

Trying to get as far away from the grass as possible.

I put him in the grass and soon he made his way to scale the gazebo.

Finally sitting in the grass......."Mom, did you say there were snacks in these eggs?!"

"Wait, these make noise when I shake maracas!?"

Ben was putting stickers on Charlotte's back.

First attempt to get a group picture of the kids.

We discovered a love of stickers and he was sticking them all to his shirt.

Second attempt to get a group shot.

The crew from our balcony.

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Papi said...

I NEVER "got" it either. Where do the eggs come from? Does the Easter Bunny lay them? Does it buy them from chickens? I'm still confused.