Saturday, July 26, 2008

Who knew...

Who knew that there is so much stuff to think about when you're having a kid.  Kris and I have spent a good amount of time researching the stuff that we think we'll need, which is tough because:

1) We first need to figure out what the item is and what it is for
2) We then debate whether we actual even need it.  I'm of the belief we shouldn't just get something because it's on some list.  I guess I'm a minimalist in that sense.
3) Kris then tells me what one of the many different books she has about this stuff says.
4) I do my normal obnoxious level of internet research from consumer reports and other sites
5) I tell Kris what the best few option are
6) Kris picks the one she likes and the colors she wants for that list.

That's a lot of work for a boppy.....

Good thing we have 4.5 more months....

Monday, July 21, 2008

4 Months...

So yesterday marked 4 months, but we didn't get a chance to take a pic (see previous post). Here is a pic of Kris at 4 months....note her current baby in the picture at the bottom.

Highlights from the recent past:
  • Baby is approximately the size of turnip (5 inches or so)

  • Kris' baby name list had shrunk to 3 names per gender, but following a long car ride is up over 15 per...with names like Macy Kray, Marvin Kray, David Kray, Meredith Kray and Rudy Kray

  • Morning sickness has decreased to once/twice a week, as opposed to daily or more (keeping our fingers crossed)

  • This lady keeps calling from the hospital saying, "I'm calling Kristin for some GRRRRREEAAATTT news" in a creepy, excited voice, but then she won't tell me what the news is (our testing has all come back very positive apparently)

We'll have some more updates following our 20 week ultrasound (8/5)....unless of course something that just can't wait comes up.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Late Post - 3 months down, 6 to go

So we're just starting the blog, but we figured we'd catch up with a few photos...

This one is from the 12 week ultrasound (6/23):

This is my lovely bride at approximately the sametime (6/28):

Updated 4 month picture to be posted shortly (gotta wait for Kris to feel good enough for me to take the pic :) ).

The Story Begins...

This blog is being created to share the stories and happenings of the Kray Family (the Nick and Kristin version). We're planning to track the progress of the now 4 months pregnant Kristin and share what's going on with us all the way to the big day and beyond. We recognize that this won't be of significant interest to most, but it's fun for us and the few who may find it exciting (e.g. first time grandparents and aunts).

Hope you enjoy!

Love, Nick and Kristin