Friday, May 31, 2013

Moving (out) Day!!!!

Today was a long, hot, exciting, memorable day!  It started with a breakfast picnic in the family room.

The truck arrived around 8:30 AM and we quickly realized it was necessary to get the boys outside...even though it was basically 90 degrees at 9 AM.

YEA! Atlanta!

A 10 AM popcycle treat.

After the truck was 90% loaded....our family pic in front of our 1st family home.

And in the back of the truck...

We then headed to VA (with Nick about an hour behind us).  It honestly doesn't feel real since we come here all the time.  Not going back to PA in a few days will feel a little strange.  I did get a little emotional seeing the house empty before I left.....but I keep telling myself we have such exciting things ahead of us!!

Last playdate with Carl

The night before we left our PA home, Nick brought the boys down to visit with their cousin, aunt and uncle.  While we KNOW we will see them again soon, it was our last local play date.  I was stuck at home waiting for the packers to finish until well after dinner, but apparently, there was a ton of playing and building going on!  The boys will miss their cousin!

Ben's hair was curlier than ever when I arrived.

A normal attempt to get a picture of the three of them.  I'm sure their grandparents will love any of these. :)  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Goodbye to the Harkins

While the packers came today and packed all of our belongings into boxes, I took the boys to the Harkin's house for a play date.  It was 92 degrees today, so we let them play in the pool on the deck and they had so much fun splashing around and staying cool.

Megan and I met at Gymboree class when Colin and Ben were about 9 months old and it has been fun to watch each other's families grow (with Emma and Lincoln) over the past (almost) 4 years and Megan and I have been lucky enough to have more than a few girls' nights together during that time.  Thank you for all of the fun times (and the stay-at-home mommy support :))!  Keep in touch with us and we hope to see you again soon!

Goodbye to the Rutmans

When we moved into our house 8 years ago, our next door neighbors had the most adorable 2 1/2 year old girl we'd ever seen and were pregnant with a little boy.  Since that time, we've watched Jordyn and Jared grow from a newborn and toddler to "big kids" literally at the end of our driveway.  Ben (and now Lincoln) have spent many hours standing at our windows waving or yelling to them while they played hockey or basketball outside, got in the way when they threw the lax or softball, convinced them to search for worms around the side of their house, and expected them to share nearly all of their outside toys (to which Jordyn and Jared were usually very generous). :)  

We will be sad to leave them as our next door neighbors who were always so sweet to us and our kids.  Thanks, Wendi and Neal....our first real neighbors who have watched us change from a young engaged couple who bought a house on a whim to a family of four giving loads of advice along the way and who have given us endless recommendations for doctors, schools, painters, etc. over the years.  We will miss you guys!

(Last trip to Top This!)

Grandma Enid's 90th Birthday

With under about a week until our move, Lincoln ended up with pneumonia last week.  He was probably the sickest either of my kids have ever been.  We had some cancelled "goodbye" play dates and spent a lot of time hanging around the house.  Poor guys!  After two doses of his antibiotics on Saturday, his fever (of around 104) finally went away and he started to act more like himself.  On Sunday, we gambled and took him with us to Long Island for Grandma Enid's 90th birthday party.  I'm so glad we did because it was a wonderful family gathering and he (and Ben) had a great time playing with his 2nd cousins and his aunts.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Goodbye to the Krulls

Wednesday was another tough goodbye to the Krull family.  I was happy to get some really cute pictures of the kids together.  We will miss our play dates and I will miss Maureen, who I have gone to with almost all of my mommy questions as she seems to handle her three wonderful kids with all the confidence, intelligence and love that I strive for.  Thank goodness for email/text/Facebook!  Please come visit us....we will certainly be invading your basement for a visit to PA. :)

Ben's love of maps and Sean's love of Disney World made for a good match.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Check out Ben's dismount!

Goodbye to Jo-Jo

Last night, Jo-Jo and her family (including her adorable 10 month old, Tenley) came over for dinner to say goodbye to us.  Ben was so excited to see his girlfriend again.  Ben and Jo-Jo were very close when he was little and she would come over every few months for an evening of playing with him....and then often spend the night catching up with me.  After Tenley was born, things changed a little as she has had her own little munchkin to take care of....but Ben's love for her has not changed one bit.  We will both miss you lots, Jo.  Please keep us updated with pictures of Tenley and you are welcome to visit us in Atlanta anytime! :)