Friday, May 10, 2013

CT Visit - Dinner with the Lairds

We went down to the Lairds' house for dinner this evening.  It was awesome to visit with them and enjoy their adorable kiddos.  Ours seemed a little wild by comparison....but I think it was all the excitement of new friends and pizza for dinner. :)  Thanks for having us, guys!  

Not to embarrass him....but this is his follow through.  The ball didn't go far. 

My little lady.  Violet is still the only girl in all of the seven 750 babies.

In honor of Jack's birthday.....last February.....we all wore construction worker party hats.  It definitely assisted in getting the boys to pose for a picture (all 5 of them).

Trying to get all 4 kids....this is seriously the best.  Jack was having none of it!  

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