Friday, May 31, 2013

Moving (out) Day!!!!

Today was a long, hot, exciting, memorable day!  It started with a breakfast picnic in the family room.

The truck arrived around 8:30 AM and we quickly realized it was necessary to get the boys outside...even though it was basically 90 degrees at 9 AM.

YEA! Atlanta!

A 10 AM popcycle treat.

After the truck was 90% loaded....our family pic in front of our 1st family home.

And in the back of the truck...

We then headed to VA (with Nick about an hour behind us).  It honestly doesn't feel real since we come here all the time.  Not going back to PA in a few days will feel a little strange.  I did get a little emotional seeing the house empty before I left.....but I keep telling myself we have such exciting things ahead of us!!

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