Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 was a success and a busy day!  After two days home from school because of the hurricane, Ben went to school for his Halloween parade followed by his Halloween party.  Lincoln missed Gymboree so we dressed him for the parade as well.  

After dropping Ben off in the class room, we waited for the parade for about 25 minutes and Lincoln had a field day in the school's gym.

Ben spotted us from across the gym...

The kids have little boxes and they collect change for UNICEF.

After the parade, the kids sing Halloween songs...Ben didn't really sing (he saves that for us at home) but he still sat with the kids and looked cute!

Check out the wig on the kid in front of him!

After dinner, we costumed up again and got ready to head out to trick or treat.  Ben had been going back and forth between being Superman and a fireman and had decided he was going to be Superman for school and a fireman for trick or treating.  However, I asked him to put back on his Superman costume for a few pictures with Lincoln and he was so excited, he left it on.  They were "super" cute walking around the neighborhood together!

"Let's GOOOOOO!"

We met up with Ben's friend Alexa to go house to house.  I didn't go last year, but Nick says Ben's interest level was night and day.  He was so excited to get candy and wish everyone a Happy Halloween.

Posing with our neighbor, Boston.

Lincoln didn't last too long in the stroller with Brendan.  This was the biggest surprise of the night for me.  Lincoln was ready to lead the charge up to all the doors.  He wanted to go in every house that had a pet and was confused as to why he wasn't getting candy too.  A few times, he tried to pick candy up with his mittens and was frustrated when his hands didn't work the way he thought they would.  Maybe candy collecting for Lincoln will be in the plan next year! (I also think he could have walked the whole neighborhood if we let him...just not in the right direction.)

Checking out the candy.  Ben had so much fun.  He finally fell asleep after insisting he wasn't tired after all the fun he had today!  Let's hope he sleeps in a little!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Villanova Homecoming 2012

We went to Villanova today with our friends, the Clarks, to celebrate Homecoming.  Since we live so close to campus, it's easy for us to attend the Homecoming festivities every year.  Additionally, Nick and I both like bringing the boys to campus every once in a while to show them where Mommy and Daddy met.  By the end of our visit, Ben didn't want to leave....maybe we have a future Wildcat on our hands. :)

We went early to walk around campus...and Ben took it as his queue to run laps around the new "green" in front of the book store.

Some Oreo shots (fellow Villanovans....did you know they moved it slightly?)

On to the "kids" section of Sheehan beach to paint some pumpkins.

I asked Lincoln to show me his pumpkin...he was so excited even though I wouldn't let him actually paint anything!

Ben took the longest time ever to perfect his pumpkin.  

There was a huge turnout for Homecoming, although I hardly recognized I getting old?   However, it was really fun to go to Villanova (for the second year) with my favorite neighbor who lives 6 doors down from me now and I didn't even know when at Villanova!

Ahhh, memories.  We were here 10 years ago as seniors. :)

Back for one more walk around campus (future Villanovans).

And some more Oreo-play.

Such a cute picture.  Had to share (Ben's friend, Alexa).

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

After church on Sunday, we headed over to Maple Acres Farm to get a few more pumpkins with Daddy, Mimi and Papi.  

The boys were stone-faced before Nick got involved!

They were fighting over who got to push the cart...what else is new. :)

Lincoln won.

Guess who we ran into??  Had to get a picture with our favorite girls!