Sunday, October 14, 2012

Visit to Long Island

We drove to Long Island over the weekend to visit my grandparents, aunt, uncles, and cousins.  It was a big group and so awesome to be able to catch up with everyone!  I love having my kids get to know my extended family.  I think Ben loved it to - his singing of "I love Grandpa Mac!  I love Grandma Enid!  I love....(naming everyone we visited)" on the way home was very evident of his happiness!

Ben loves his flashlight that Aunt Karen and Uncle Mitch brought to him.  Thank you!

Lincoln was shy for the first few minutes.  He had his head on my shoulder when I carried him in and when I put him down, he put his head against the wall.  It was really funny.  I've never seen him act shy.  However, it didn't take him long to warm up and climb on Chris' lap or copy Ben when he held Uncle Jeffrey's hand and led him from room to room.   

The kids were so happy outside.  Grandma and Grandpa have a big hill, a tree to climb, a "secret garden" and a bunch of rocks, plants and flowers.  Grandma and Grandpa bundled up for the new fall-ish weather and joined the party.

Strangely, although my cousin Steven and I have birthdays a week apart, we have never celebrated them together.  Additionally, my cousin Scott's wife, Erin's, birthday is in between ours and happened to be Saturday.  Although Erin was in FL, there was a cake for all three of us and thanks to technology, we were able to celebrate together.

Grandma has a bunch of tiny tea sets.  Every kid was very into them, including the one who had no idea what they were for.

Caroline and Lincoln are about 7 months apart and almost the same size.  They were so cute together.

I missed the kiss by a split second.  So cute though!

Ella was encouraging Lincoln to dance (after he'd given up the broom to Caroline for a turn sweeping). He was doing his "happy feet" move. 

Ben led me to the chess board by the hand saying "I want to play THIS game." 

Ben and Julia did some exercising.

And then Julia and Linc were playing by the secret garden.

Umm, yeah, Ben brought a costume and then asked to fly into a tree.

Elizabeth and Caroline climbing the hill.

Nick tickling Lincoln.  Belly laughs are the best.

Ben was VERY into Ella's electronic game.  I don't even know what type of game it was....but I'm sure I will learn soon enough when Ben asks me for one!

All five kids were sitting on the couch so Grandma and Grandpa jumped behind them to get a picture.  Of course not a great picture, but as Grandma says, the bodies were all there and it captured the moment!

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