Monday, August 29, 2011


The beginning of our "at home" vacation!

Lincoln's first trip to DQ

Lincoln's 2 month appointment

Lincoln did great at his doctor's appointment this morning. He ended up weighing less than his big brother did: 13 pounds 15 ounces. Such a little the 90 percentile. :) He was 23 inches tall (75 percentile) although I don't have much confidence in our pediatrician's height measurements.

Here's a video of him I took while we were waiting for the doctor.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lincoln is 2 months old

To celebrate Lincoln's two months, we stayed home all day to recover from Hurricane Irene. I was able to get some picture of Lincoln to document this milestone.

Since last month, Lincoln has "chunked" up quite a bit! I am very curious to see how much he weighs tomorrow at the doctors as his leg rolls suggest he's bypassed his brother's weight at two months (14 pounds 12 ounces). However, Ben was in the 100th percentile, so we will see!

He is more awake each day, but still naps between every feeding. The naps vary from 20 minutes to a few hours. In the last few days, he's beginning to space out a few of his feedings during the day. I look forward to when we are at a standard 3 hours between feedings because 2 hours seems so close together.

The best thing that happened during the last month was that Lincoln started to smile a ton and almost giggles. It's so cute the way he almost smiles with his whole body. I get the feeling he's smiling AT us, but who knows. :)

In the last few days, Lincoln seems to enjoy sucking on his hand. He hasn't successfully found any fingers or a thumb yet. It will be interesting if Lincoln is a thumb sucker as we didn't have that at all with Ben.

Finally, Lincoln's hair is thinning a little. He's not balding as quickly as Ben did...but he still has lots of time to lose it all and be the adorable bowling ball that his brother was.

I'm amused that I have so much to say for a 2 month old. I now know how much fun a little boy grows to be and I can't wait for Lincoln to go through every stage. Happy 2 months Lincoln!

What do you do in a hurricane?

Build a fort.

Happy 3rd Birthday Carl V

For Carl's birthday, it was an opportunity for us to get a family picture - something we really haven't done since the hospital. This is the best we got....Kathy and Kara - let me know if you got something better. I think we are going to have to try again sometime soon!

I think there was some tickling going on here.

Lincoln was NOT waking up for this photo.

Carl and his parents on his birthday!

2nd attempt to get a picture of the Kray cousins. This time, at least we got all three in one shot.

Carl was much happier with his new truck (present made by Papi).

Do you think Lincoln was tired?

Happy 3rd birthday Carl!!!

Mimi and Papi's visit

Kathy and Don came to spend the night before heading downtown for Carl V's 3rd birthday on Saturday. Before they headed downtown, we took a few jammie pictures.

Such a handsome boy.

Lincoln was giggling when Kathy was tickling him.

Hugs goodbye from a boy who loves his grandparents (even though we were going to see them the next day!)

Ben and bubbles


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Linvilla Orchards Pear and Tomato Festival

This weekend, Lauren and Aaron came to visit us (rescheduled from their original visit scheduled for July 4th - postponed due to Lincoln's early arrival)! We spent the morning at Linvilla Orchards for their Pear and Tomato Festival. We took an extra long hay ride and went into the fields to pick pears and peaches. As it turns out, there was a lot more to pick than just pears and tomatoes.

Thanks for coming! We were so happy to have you. Ben is especially sad that his new BFF has gone home. :) We will see you both soon.

Lazy with Pop Pop

My Dad came to visit and spent some time hanging out with the boys. Here, Ben is showing Pop Pop the fantastic world of Mr. Steve (one of Ben's favorite musicians). We have a DVD with some of his music videos on it. Ben's favorite song is called "Opposite Day."

After Lincoln got a little fussy, I took him from my Dad. Dad promptly replaced Lincoln with a pillow and fell fast asleep. I guess two little boys wore him out! Also, notice Ben has scooted closer to him and is hold his hand. :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I have to apologize because this post is very uneven between my children. Just a picture or two of Ben....and MORE than enough of Lincoln. I got some cute awake pictures of him the other day as he's smiling more and more every day. I was not capable of parring down the pictures any further. :)

On of Ben's favorite "toys." Not good. haha