Monday, August 8, 2011


Nick misses cooking seafood being married to someone who doesn't eat it. So yesterday, I told him to go ahead any make something because Ben should be exposed to it even if I don't like it. He chose to make mussels. Ben tried it, but didn't like it. He woke up this morning and as I started to cook his breakfast, he said, "no like Daddy's food, Mommy." Better luck next time, Nick!


Kathy said...

don't give up, Nick! There's lots of other fish to try

Papi said...

Nick and I will have to share mussels next time we're together. Maybe we'll do a seafood soup (cioppino) or sushi.

Brian Shields said...

Mussels? You start with mussels? That is AWESOME! You went right at it with him.

Papi said...

Geoduck clams would be a good next step.