Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lincoln is 2 months old

To celebrate Lincoln's two months, we stayed home all day to recover from Hurricane Irene. I was able to get some picture of Lincoln to document this milestone.

Since last month, Lincoln has "chunked" up quite a bit! I am very curious to see how much he weighs tomorrow at the doctors as his leg rolls suggest he's bypassed his brother's weight at two months (14 pounds 12 ounces). However, Ben was in the 100th percentile, so we will see!

He is more awake each day, but still naps between every feeding. The naps vary from 20 minutes to a few hours. In the last few days, he's beginning to space out a few of his feedings during the day. I look forward to when we are at a standard 3 hours between feedings because 2 hours seems so close together.

The best thing that happened during the last month was that Lincoln started to smile a ton and almost giggles. It's so cute the way he almost smiles with his whole body. I get the feeling he's smiling AT us, but who knows. :)

In the last few days, Lincoln seems to enjoy sucking on his hand. He hasn't successfully found any fingers or a thumb yet. It will be interesting if Lincoln is a thumb sucker as we didn't have that at all with Ben.

Finally, Lincoln's hair is thinning a little. He's not balding as quickly as Ben did...but he still has lots of time to lose it all and be the adorable bowling ball that his brother was.

I'm amused that I have so much to say for a 2 month old. I now know how much fun a little boy grows to be and I can't wait for Lincoln to go through every stage. Happy 2 months Lincoln!

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Papi said...

I never stop talking about him. There's so much to tell from a "Papi's" perspective especially.