Monday, February 18, 2013

Lincoln Talking

I would say a few weeks ago, Lincoln really picked up his talking.  He really didn't have any words other than "Hi" until recently.  A few weeks ago he started calling everyone 'Ma!" and attempting the first sound with a lot of words.  Now, at about 19 1/2 months, I'm impressed with how many words he seems to be using consistently.  Of course, a normal person wouldn't be able to understand him, but I would call them "almost" words.  I figured I'd list them to see how many he is really using occasionally:

- Ma (Mommy)
- Da (Daddy)
- Ba (Ben)
- Mimi
- Nana, Papi and Pop Pop when prompted
- Balloon
- Hot
- Hat
- Ball
- Baby
- Water
- More (usually only when prompted)
- Shoe
- Barks excitedly when he sees a dog
- Moos when he sees a cow
- Quacks when he sees a duck
- Makes it known when he hears or sees a truck, but doesn't really have a specific word for it yet.  Sometimes, it's a "T" sound.
- Bowl
- Ke (for ketchup and syrup)
- Boot (maybe :))
- Off
- Eye
- Nose
- Yes (No is currently just a shake of the head)
- Bubble
- Bye Bye
- Boo (as in peek-a-boo)

That's all I can think of right now....but we are successfully making progress!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


The Kray house is safer and more orderly than ever with Officer Kray cracking down.  He's so cute, I will listen to almost everything he says!

Saturday morning

Back to the snow....too bad it wasn't more.  I know the boys would LOVE to be at Nick's parents' house right now!

Friday in Ft. Myers

We wrapped up our trip to FL with a morning at the condo while I sadly packed up our stuff.  We were very excited to see Nick in Philly, but I was not looking forward to the flight and returning to the cold weather.  

We took a few pictures outside the condo.  I wanted to get some of the boys like we did last year, but Lincoln is not at an age where he will stand still without someone holding on to him.  My mom and I each joined them to keep them in the same place long enough to snap a picture.

My mom's sewing wall became the art wall for our trip and we took a picture of Ben's (and my mom's) creations to show Nick when we got home.

While not easy, the flight home did not include any diaper or vomit issues.  Motion sickness meds worked for Ben and Lincoln's virus had cleared.  However, I will not be rushing to take these two on a flight by myself again very soon.  I think we are better off on car trips for the near future. :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday in Ft. Myers

We went back to the beach this morning; however, I didn't take too many pictures because they would have seemed rather repetitive.  Lincoln repeated his tactic upon departing the beach where we got 80% of the way from the water to the parking lot with my arms completely full of stuff and he sat down in the fluffy, dry sand and wouldn't go any further.  While trying to coax him from the walkway to the parking lot, I figured I'd just get my camera out to capture the moment. 

When we finally arrived over the walkway, Ben and Aunt Nancy looked so cute waiting for my mom to return with the car I was glad I had my camera out.  Today was "Aunt Nancy Day" since she was away for a few of the days we were down here.  Ben seemed to understand the importance of making the best of the day and hardly left her side all morning. :)

We rushed back from a morning at the beach to make sure we got to the pool before lunch so Lincoln could go for a swim before his nap.

No one wants to leave sunny Florida tomorrow for rain, snow and cold in Philly.  But we do miss Daddy!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday in Ft. Myers

Back to the beach (but this time, Ft. Myers beach).

Tuesday in Ft. Myers

Ben tends to like to lead people by the hand.  Fortunately, my dad and grandpa were good sports at the play ground in Naples, FL.  We drove to Naples to meet my dad and grandparents for lunch and a little play time.  

Do you think Lincoln liked swinging?

Lincoln was chasing a squirl.  I trusted the squirl would remain out of his reach.  I took the same approach when he was chasing seguls at the beach.  Hope I'm not proven wrong at some point!

Big brother helping. :)

"Ben...don't get off this dragon!"

Monday in Ft. Myers

Monday was a little too cool to go to the beach, so we hung around the condo and played outside a bit.  Bubbles, digging, car's so nice to be in FL and in the sunny weather!

Ben is so silly with his fear of sounds.  He covers his ears every time we go outside.   Hope he outgrows this soon.  (Yes, I realized his pants were on backwards after going outside to play. :))

We ran around the tennis court for a few minutes (a contained area for Lincoln) and I asked Ben to show me his tennis moves. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 1 in Ft. Myers

On our first day in Ft. Myers, we hit the ground running with a trip to Sanibel Beach and Schnappers.  Lincoln hasn't been to a beach in a year so he was just a baby and didn't really  understand anything.  I was happy that on his "first" trip to the beach, he LOVED it (and only ate one handful of sand :)).  Ben was super excited to get the beach and start digging and looking for shells.

(A little overkill with pictures (especially Lincoln), but they were so cute!  More pictures of Ben tomorrow. :))

Sadly, Ben's "Schnapper's" shirt didn't make it to lunch because it got wet and sandy.  However, we enjoyed the lunch and as usual, Uncle Tom couldn't stay away! :)