Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday in Ft. Myers

We went back to the beach this morning; however, I didn't take too many pictures because they would have seemed rather repetitive.  Lincoln repeated his tactic upon departing the beach where we got 80% of the way from the water to the parking lot with my arms completely full of stuff and he sat down in the fluffy, dry sand and wouldn't go any further.  While trying to coax him from the walkway to the parking lot, I figured I'd just get my camera out to capture the moment. 

When we finally arrived over the walkway, Ben and Aunt Nancy looked so cute waiting for my mom to return with the car I was glad I had my camera out.  Today was "Aunt Nancy Day" since she was away for a few of the days we were down here.  Ben seemed to understand the importance of making the best of the day and hardly left her side all morning. :)

We rushed back from a morning at the beach to make sure we got to the pool before lunch so Lincoln could go for a swim before his nap.

No one wants to leave sunny Florida tomorrow for rain, snow and cold in Philly.  But we do miss Daddy!!!

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