Sunday, February 10, 2013

Friday in Ft. Myers

We wrapped up our trip to FL with a morning at the condo while I sadly packed up our stuff.  We were very excited to see Nick in Philly, but I was not looking forward to the flight and returning to the cold weather.  

We took a few pictures outside the condo.  I wanted to get some of the boys like we did last year, but Lincoln is not at an age where he will stand still without someone holding on to him.  My mom and I each joined them to keep them in the same place long enough to snap a picture.

My mom's sewing wall became the art wall for our trip and we took a picture of Ben's (and my mom's) creations to show Nick when we got home.

While not easy, the flight home did not include any diaper or vomit issues.  Motion sickness meds worked for Ben and Lincoln's virus had cleared.  However, I will not be rushing to take these two on a flight by myself again very soon.  I think we are better off on car trips for the near future. :)

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