Sunday, February 3, 2013

We arrived in FL

We arrived in FL late last night after an eventful plane ride.  Ben was fantastic.  He really entertained himself well and pretty much followed all directions.  I thanked him quite a few times throughout the flight!  Lincoln has had a little stomach virus thing and blew out 2 diapers resulting in me using every item of clothing I had for him (he greeted my mom in a onesie and sneakers) and tested my creative abilities to change him on an airplane.  Ben threw up upon decent, but took it in stride and then told everyone about throwing up on the plane on the way out.  It was challenging, but there was no crying and it wasn't as AWFUL as it could have been.  We were happy to get down here and be greeted by a very excited Nana!

This morning, Lincoln woke up before everyone else and got his first peek at FL (it was dark when we arrived last night).  He was so cute pointing out the birds and the fountain on the pond out the window.

A little later, he found the sun glassed my mom found for the boys and the necklaces that Ben LOVED when he was smaller...

Ben two years ago...

He wore them most of our trip that year.

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