Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shields visit

This weekend, we had our first friends visit us in our new home!  It was nice to have a relaxing weekend with the Shields family.  Also, on Saturday, my cousin Geoff and family stopped by for breakfast and to visit for a bit.  We had 7 boys in the house!  

This was probably the only moment they were all in one place.

On Saturday afternoon, we were supposed to go to a Touch A Truck, but it was cancelled because of the rain.  Instead, Aimee and I took the 3 oldest boys to the fire house to visit the trucks.  Ben was nervous the sirens were going to go off and it was hard to get him to remove his fingers from his ears, but he actually had a great time.  I think the Shields boys did too - I see some Orlando firehouse visits in their futures. 

On Sunday...the rain let up and the boys played outside a bit.

I have no idea who snapped this picture of Grady inside, but I'm so happy someone picked up my camera to take it.  SOO CUTE!  

Playing in our front yard!

Congratulations Lauren and Aaron!

My amazingly beautiful sister married her new, fantastic husband a few weeks ago and we were fortunate enough to make the wedding even though it was only a week and three days after Ben's surgery.  These are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pictures of Ben's recovery (during the first 13 days)

At the hospital.  Surgery Day.

Day 1 post surgery.

Day 2 post surgery.  He HATED the bandage.  It tooks about 1/2 a day to get it off.  This was when it was almost off...we couldn't get the last part on his cheek off for a while and let him have a break before we tried again. This picture was the first glimpse of the eye we had.  Ben had me take a picture immediately so he could see it.

Slightly later the same day.

After the last little bit was off.

Sleeping on that 3rd night.  

Bruising and a little swollen.  But so much happier without the bandage.

A trip to the firehouse cures all.

Day 4 post surgery.

Day 7 post surgery.

Break in pictures here as we went to Lauren's wedding.  By the time of the wedding, all bruising was totally gone.  This pic was from day 12.