Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 1 in Ft. Myers

On our first day in Ft. Myers, we hit the ground running with a trip to Sanibel Beach and Schnappers.  Lincoln hasn't been to a beach in a year so he was just a baby and didn't really  understand anything.  I was happy that on his "first" trip to the beach, he LOVED it (and only ate one handful of sand :)).  Ben was super excited to get the beach and start digging and looking for shells.

(A little overkill with pictures (especially Lincoln), but they were so cute!  More pictures of Ben tomorrow. :))

Sadly, Ben's "Schnapper's" shirt didn't make it to lunch because it got wet and sandy.  However, we enjoyed the lunch and as usual, Uncle Tom couldn't stay away! :)

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Papi said...

More pictures! I want more pictures!