Saturday, November 8, 2008

The 32nd Week...

Well, it's been quite a week for us, which is requiring a post from me instead of Nick.  We are feeling like we are in the homestretch here as a lot of the last minute baby things have started. 

- This past weekend, Nick's mom generously hosted a baby shower for me in CT where we had lots of fun celebrating with the Sharry clan.

- On Thursday, we had a doctor's appointment (our first of the more frequent appointments).  Everything is going great with the baby and we are scheduled for another ultrasound in two weeks - the baby seems to be tracking a little large.  I'm just excited to see the baby again!

- Our baby furniture was delivered (also on Thursday) so our empty yellow room is starting to feel like a home for our little one.

- Also, on Thursday (Thursday was a big day for us!) we had our first childbirth prep class where we took a tour of the labor/delivery and maternity ward at our new hospital and learned about some of the early stages of labor.  We saw 6 newborn babies in the nursery - pretty soon, one of those babies will be OURS!

With all of the activities of the week, I'm getting incredibly excited and loving every day as we anticipate the baby's arrival.  I'm feeling fantastic and every movement the baby makes is just awesome.   It's exciting to think that in less than 7 weeks, the baby will be here!

This weekend, my "Moms" are hosting a shower for me in VA.  More details/pictures to come!

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