Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Benjamin's Homecoming (Day 5 in life of Ben)

So today was a pretty significant day in the life of Benjamin Robert Kray and the rest of the Kray family, we all came home from the hospital.  We spent the morning packing up our stuff, signing papers, listening to discharge instructions, promising not to shake him, etc.  After lunch, we all got to come home.  Ben made the trip like a man, as expected.

We then just hung out the rest of the day, enjoying everyone's company.  Big thanks to grandma for a great dinner.

Here are some more pics....come on, what can you expect from a proud new papa.

Day 5 in the life of Ben

Note: A couple people have told us they are having troubles posting to the blog.  It's not the most intuitive process, as it actually wants you to log in and validate yourself.   I believe you either need to log in using a google/gmail account, an OpenID account or anonymously (but you can say your name in the message if that's easier).  Apologies for any confusion, we really appreciate everyone's well wishes and kind words.  


Patti said...

Nick, Kristin -
Congratulations on the arrival of your wonderful Christmas gift, Benjamin. We look forward to meeting him.

Love to all!

Don, Patti, and Joe

Lauren said...

I LOVE the new pictures of Ben!! Especially the one of him yawning. I'm impressed with how wide he can open his mouth! Can't wait to spend Christmas with my little nephew and the new 'rents!
Auntie Lauren

Aimee said...

Welcome home! Everyone looks fantastic. I am really enjoying the all of the photos and updates. Great job on the pictures!

Brian Shields said...

Nick - how slow did you drive on the way home?

The last picture is great. Mom taking a WELL DESERVED rest and Dad with baby and coffee in hand.

Excellent. Great pics! Not too hard to have great pics when Ben is SO DARN CUTE!

Papi said...

Looks like Benjamin and his cousin CV both got Papi's hair. I'm so proud. And they are going to be Red Sox fans.