Monday, December 21, 2009

Birthday Boy Update

In the excitement of the weekend, I haven't had a chance to give my monthly update on Ben's activities and achievements.

- He's babbling a little bit. He's making the B, F, W, M, Th and sometimes a D sound. The B and M are the most consistent. He FINALLY started saying something that sounds like "mmmMMMAaaaaa," but of course it's not directed at me at all.
- He still only has 7 teeth. I'm not complaining as I'm sure the molars will be difficult (for all of us). However, I do think it's a little strange that there are three on the bottom. Where is that 8th tooth?
He's crawling even faster, cruising around everything, and likes to walk around holding our hands. He has stood on his own for a few seconds, but doesn't seem to have the balance or coordination to take any steps on his own. Thank goodness!
- Not much else new. He's a happy boy and likes any musical toys (maracas and kazoo are still his favorites), is starting to like some books, likes to dance to music, LOVES to look out the window and wave to anyone/anything, and is very into his parachute tube and his basketball hoop.

It's hard to remember a year ago before I knew Ben and before my life revolved around being a mom. I wouldn't change it for anything. I've learned A LOT, I've made some new friends, I've discovered things about myself that I didn't even know. This is a very hard, but VERY fun job. There are exciting things coming for us in the new year and in Ben's 2nd year. We are looking forward to all of them. Stay tuned!

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