Monday, September 13, 2010

Day with Thomas

Ben and I joined Karen and Gavin and went to spend the day with Thomas the Train this morning. Don't they look excited? I don't think either of them understood what was going on until they saw the train.

Hello Thomas!

Riding the train.....a whopping 20 minute total trip into the PA countryside. It was beautiful, but way too short. :(

Still...a bit cautious with everything going on.

"What are these tickets. And why is Gavin's bigger than mine?"


Sadly, Ben watches the train pull away.

After watching the train, we went into a tent where a guy was playing a guitar and singing. Tons of little kids were playing instruments and singing along. Can you see where my son is? He picks the most inopportune moments to be shy.

Next, on to a tent full of train toys, puzzles, coloring books, etc.

This is where Ben told me it was nap time.

Out to the car, which was parked in a corn field. FINALLY, a "cheese" for a picture.

I have to add that even after telling me that he was tired by laying on top of the Thomas puzzle, Ben was too excited about the cows and the tractors that we saw on the way home to sleep. Lucky for me, he stayed awake all the way home and is now napping happily in his crib. Fun morning!

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Papi said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on Ben's adventures.