Monday, March 7, 2011

Catching up...

For Christmas, Ben got this snowman kit that contains a hat and scarf to put on a snow man (among other things). The other day, I wasn't looking and next thing I knew, Ben was dressing himself. He was happy to pose for a picture.

And then pose next to his favorite toy.

On Friday, we took a trip to Kid City with Nick's Dad. I wasn't sure which picture I liked better. Ben had so much fun....and I think Don did too!

Also at Kid City was a train set where Ben could pop his head up in these glass boxes and watch the trains go by. He spent lots of time here.

We may be coming around with Ben's desire to have his picture taken. This was asked for and accompanied by a "cchhhheeeeeeeeeesssseeeee."

Showing off the awesome coffee mug that Ben painted for Daddy for his birthday!

He's such a little boy now. Definitely no longer a baby. He is talking a lot more and one of the funny things that he does now is whenever you walk into a room or something, he says "hello Mommy." He says it really matter of fact-ly. He also says "please" all the time ("help please" "up please" "open please") and "thank you Mommy" for everything (even when it's not necessary.....but I'm not going to correct him)! :) He gets stuck on the "thank you Mommy" and says it to other people....and then corrects himself when he remembers it's not Mommy. So cute. I want to bottle up his cute sayings and remember them forever!

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