Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ben's Thanksgiving Feast at school

Ben's Thanksgiving feast consists of a little show in the church where the kids sing Thanksgiving and autumn songs and then they have a "feast" where the room is decorated with the kids' artwork and crafts.  Ben did great and surprised me by actually participating in some of the songs!

This is him walking in.  Trying to be serious, while also seeing me and being excited....

Lincoln during the show..... 

Kate belting it out. :)

Please excuse the questionable mom move I made when giving Lincoln a container of plastic bags to entertain him at the end of the show.  I was solo and needed him contained and happy!

Ben and Kate's school activity together. :(

I do love the fact that Kate's head piece is on sideways.

Love this picture....but wondering how much of it was prepped by the teacher....

Ben's FIRST GIRLFRIEND!  I asked Ben if he wanted me to invite her over for a play date since he talks about here constantly.  He acted horrified and said, "No!  I like to just see her at school."  However, a day doesn't go by when he doesn't chant her name. :)

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