Thursday, May 15, 2014

Last day of school for Lincoln and PreK graduation for Ben

My little guy on his PreK graduation day.

See this view?  This was basically all we got the whole time.  The girl in front of him wore heels and we couldn't see our little monkey sing his heart out.  (Evidence of singing is coming from the bobbing head and enthusiastic hand motions.)

Pop Pop is in town for the festivities. 

Ben can't stand looking mature for long.  

Ben's friend Hudson. (Blue mouths supplied by the "ACA" cookies at the reception.)

High five!

Ben's teachers - Ms. Carmela and Ms. Lori

If the day wasn't exciting enough, it was Lincoln's last day of school.  We left Ben's graduation to attend Lincoln's end of year "party."

Lincoln's teacher, Ms. Joellen.

Can you believe this was an attempt for a class picture?  They're 2...what do you expect?

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