Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 Months and a little catch up

A little catch up...

My parents came to visit last week.  The visit started with a 3-man nap (yes, Ben is under that blanket w/ Nick somewhere):

We tried the bumble seat, but Ben's still a little small for it - well not small, but doesn't quite have control of all his limbs and head yet

With other people here willing to do camera duty, I have a chance to have some pictures taken with my little man

My original baby

With a very fussy Ben on the day I was getting ready for our trip to CT, I tried a few times to get his 2 month pictures with the chair and with Wally, but let's do a comparison:

1 month chair scale:

2 months chair scale:

1 month Wally scale:

2 months Wally scale (2 pics):

Ben also met his Great Grandma Jackie ("Gi-Gi") in CT...he LOVED her and spent much of the visit giggling at her from the floor

Finally, I was in my college roommate's wedding this weekend.  The wedding was wonderful and the bride was gorgeous.  Have fun on your honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. Laird!  We were so happy to share in your special day!

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mrs.johnson said...

ADORABLE! I can't believe how much he's grown! Miss you three... :)