Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another little accomplishment

After about 5 days of Ben rolling from his back to his side like this,

He finally made it all the way over to his belly.  You can see here with his current form, his hand got very caught under his belly upon completion of the roll.  I guess he has a little more practicing to get it right.  The roll was not caught on camera, but was witnessed by both Mommy and Daddy.  I will try to capture it next time.

"Daddy bought me some Villanova gear when he was on campus last week!"

Ben's Aunts gave him this Polo warm-up and have been asking for pictures, so here they are.  I discovered that Ben associates getting his picture taken with opening his mouth as wide as it will go.  It's pretty cute....he sure looks excited!

Here's some other expressions I was able to catch.  They say: "Yep - I know I'm cute, but I think I'm done with this picture thing" and "Enough Mommy!"

Just one more cute one I got today...  (After a record number of clothing changes today, Ben was in his birthday suit when Daddy got home!)

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