Monday, April 20, 2009

First trip to Virginia

We took Ben to Virginia this weekend to attend a bridal shower for Katherine Sellery (the only man in attendance, obviously) and meet some new friends.  Surprisingly, I didn't come home with too many pictures, but here are a few.  Although Nick is not pictured, he was there.  Aunt Lauren, however, was not in town.  We missed you, Laur!  See you in 3 weeks!

The Moms did a great job hosting and the food was fantastic!  It was so great to see everyone and introduce them to Ben.

Ben playing with Aunt Jenny on the floor.  I think he's telling her a story...

And playing with Grandpa on the deck

Aside from the record long car trips down and back, it was a great visit!  Can't wait to see everyone again soon.

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