Sunday, July 19, 2009

7 Months....oh my!

Ben is 7 months today!  CRAZY!  He had a great night last night with just Daddy as I went to my 750 reunion at the New Jersey shore.  It sounds like the boys had a lot of fun together and I survived my first night away from my little guy.   Glad all the 750 girls are doing great!  

Some info on what Ben's doing at 7 months:
- Sitting on his own
- Rolling a ton
- Shaking, throwing, reaching for and playing with all of his toys
- Reaching to be picked up with both arms (this was one of those things I was WAITING for and sooo excited when he did it for the first time)
- Giggling when being tickled
- Beginning his own language ("Djah Djah Djah")
- Taking a bottle (finally)
- Sleeping through the night (shhh - don't jinx it!)
- Not really eating solids...but at least we are trying :)

Happy 7 months, Benny!

Ben's "new" smile!  I finally caught it on camera!


Katie said...

That last picture is GREAT...what a smile!!

Papi said...

Happy Birthday Ben! Just got back from Lake Winnipesaukee and know you're headed to the lake in Wisconsin. See you soon!

L, Papi