Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A sad day...

Please excuse the flurry of blog updates the past 4 days in a row!  I'm on a roll I guess.

Today was our last play date with Gavin (almost 6 months) and Sean (18 months) in Sean's (the Krull's) Malvern house as they are moving to Baltimore in a few weeks.  So sad!  We had to get some shots of the boys to document this momentous occasion.  Don't they look...sad?  (Barney is on behind us taking the pictures.  It's the only way to get Sean to sit still!)

Look at Ben's hand on Sean's shoulder.  So funny.  He does that a lot.  He must be going have comforting/nurturing personality.  :)

Sean showing off his belly button.

Ben saying "please don't move, Sean!!!"

And only two will remain to run PwC in Philadelphia as Sean will most likely take on Baltimore on his own instead.   They look so enthused. 

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