Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A little of not too much...

Ben was bouncing this and when it came out of his grip, he was chasing after it. It was cute!

Super close...

This look is funny. "So! Let me tell you about my xylophone!"

Ben was ALL about his tunnel yesterday. He was crawling through and then doing rolls in it and rolling it all over the room. Independent play was good for a Mommy with a cold. :(

My typical picture...Ben crawling on me trying to get the camera. However, this one caught a really cute expression.

Believe it or not, this is not a pout. This is one of Ben's few "words." It sounds like "Ba Ba Ba" but it's all made using the bottom lip. Still no sign of "mama" or "dada."

Ben uses a bowl when he has an afternoon snack sometimes. He doesn't really get it yet.

Nothing is in the bowl, Ben, because you've already dumped it all on the floor!

Got him a Christmas hat. It's a little small, but stayed on his head for a bit of holiday maraca playing.

Playing before bed. A slight snorty face here...

A happy happy boy.

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Papi said...

Not only a happy happy boy, but a happy happy Mom; and happy happy grandparents. 355 days old today!