Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fairmount Park

I am amazed by the beautiful weather today after so many days of icky rain. To celebrate the weather...and my 30th birthday....we went to Fairmount Park to feed the ducks and go for a walk with my mom. Please excuse the multiple pictures of Ben and's my birthday. I get a freebie for excessive Mommy/Son pictures, right?

Soooo handsome!!


The Sher Family said...

Happy Birthday:) Love the pictures...looks like you had a great day!

Brian Shields said...

You so still look like 29...not even close to 30!

I love all the pics. Ben - you are such a cute little boy!

Papi said...

Not enough Mommy/Son pictures for me; or Grandma/Grandson pictures either. Continue taking lots of both.