Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trip to VA

We went to VA for a visit and have limited pictures of Ben because he was lucky enough to spend some time with his aunts and grandparents without Mom and Dad around. The biggest excitement of his weekend was going to the Memory Walk at National Stadium and dancing to the music! He had a lot of fun supporting Aunt Lauren's team for the walk.

My biggest excitements of the weekend were seeing my friend Randy get married (congrats Randy and Jess!!) and celebrating my 5 years of marriage in DC. Not quite there yet, Nick, but happy anniversary a little early. I love you!

Anyway...back to pictures we DO have of Benny....

My mom borrowed a bike for him from a neighbor. He loved it! Maybe a present for him for next spring. :)

A game of basketball with Daddy and "Pop Pop"

Ben had no chance...

Bubbles with "Nana" (who finally has a name!)

Then Ben took control of the activities outside and decided that he didn't care that it was hardly over 62 degrees and he was fully dressed....the sprinkler was calling him!

Wish Nick didn't have a hat on. My boys are so cute together!

Ben's first visit to Aunt Lauren and Aunt Jenny's house.

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