Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ben at 2

What a little boy Ben is turning into! I'm sure he's going to change and learn a ton more, but I'm still amazed every day.

- Ben has started to play "pretend." He enjoys to cook, to play with his trucks/bus/airplane/trains etc., to play "bath time" in his lego bin (which he barely fits into), etc.
- He talks a ton. Lots of it is difficult for others to understand and it's mostly one word at a time, but he's definitely communicating with us and seems to pick up new words all the time.
- He loves his grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousins and asks for them constantly. Thank goodness for modern technology and the ability to video chat and call whenever we want to for free.
- He has so many new toys (birthday and Christmas), it's hard to say what his favorites are. Some of the highlights are his toy fire truck, anything with trains on it, airplane, guitar and keyboard.
- He has started to do what I think is one of my favorite things....he sings! Most of the time, it's "la la la la" but he'll sing about Elmo and Bert and will also sing (and demand we join him) Jingle Bells.
- He's a good little dancer and likes to "dance like Ellen" and act out different animals. Some recent favorites are a kangaroo (which is really nothing like a kangaroo) and walking like a penguin.
- He still impresses me with his memory. We got a holiday card from my college roommate, Bern with a picture of her family on it. Ben looked at the picture of Bern's husband, Mike, and said "FIRE TRUCK!" He remembered that in September, Mike took Ben to see a fire truck. How he remembers things like that amazes me.
- Ben is obsessed with pancakes and asks for them at every meal.
- He still loves the vacuum and broom and enjoys cleaning the house (wish it actually worked)!

Happy birthday Ben!! You've come so far and learned so much...what will the next year bring for you? :) We love you!

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