Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day trip to Long Island

We drove to Long Island today to visit my grandparents (along with my cousin, Jill, and her family).  Ben really bonded with them when they came to meet Lincoln last summer (especially Grandpa Mac who humored Ben by playing pretend with him).  So, when I told him where we were going, he was very excited.  He was also excited to learn that his cousins Julia and Ella were going to be there.  What fun!  Great Grandparents AND cousins to play with. :)  Ben cried when we left.  He had an awesome time playing in the yard, at the park and in their house.  What a wonderful visit!

Great Grandma Enid surrounded by kids who love her!  

Ella spent time showing off her superb tree climbing skills...

And we found we had a copy cat.

Lincoln is officially standing on his own.  He can balance pretty well (here he was drinking and stayed balance while moving around the sippy cup).  However, when he decides he wants to move, he gently drops down to crawl.  One of these days, he'll realize it's easier just to stay standing and walk!

This was one of my favorite moments of the day...

Thanks for a great visit!  And for rolling out the fine china for us. :)  

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Brian Shields said...

Please book a flight to FL and send Ben & Lincoln.