Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lincoln is 11 months

Only one more month until our little monkey turns ONE!  He's getting so big!  A stationary 11 month old for a picture was a bit of a challenge this month.  These are the best I got.  He was all over the place (and a little unhappy with us because we didn't take the pictures until it was bedtime....spent the day having fun at the pool!)

Big brother watching and dying to be in the pictures!

Here is what Lincoln is up to....

- He can stand really well on his own and is starting to take a few steps.  Usually, it's one or two and then he falls or sits down (because let's face it, he can get places MUCH faster if he's crawling).  However, on Sunday evening, with a lot of encouragement, he took 4 steps in a row.  It has not been repeated, but we are getting much closer to walking.

- On a related front, he got his first pair of shoes today so he will get some walking practice outside as well as in the house.  He also got his first hair cut this weekend!  Pictures in a previous post, but he did great and looks adorable.  It took me a day or two to get used to him...I was so used to his long hair!  

- His two front teeth popped through last week.  He seems to be doing well with them although had a few nights where he woke up crying during the night (which is very abnormal for him at this point).  I feel so bad for him, but hopefully the pain will subside soon.  I'm a little sad as his whole look will change when those teeth fill in.  He won't look like a baby anymore!  Such a big boy. :)

- Lincoln claps all the time.  Pretty much whenever he hears clapping, hears you says "Yea!" or hears music.  Often clapping is accompanied by swaying or rocking....unless he's standing, in which case it's accompanied by bouncing.  (This all goes along with my comment from last month about how he never stops moving!)

- He's starting to interact with us on his own even though he's not using any words yet.  About 10 times a day, when he puts something he shouldn't into his mouth (a crumb or anything little he finds) he looks at me, giggles and crawls REALLY fast in the opposite direction.  Nick told me a story the other day about how he was trying to get Lincoln out of his crib and Lincoln was playing with him...would drop down and crawl to the opposite side of the crib...giggling...when Nick moved in to pick him up.  He will also play peak-a-boo by himself behind a door or with a blanket/item of clothing on his head.

- He's still a very very happy baby and his absolute favorite thing to do is crawl around and explore everywhere.  Unfortunately, there are limited places he can do that.  If I bring Lincoln to your house...beware...he will find things you never thought about baby proofing!

- The tongue clicking I talked about last month has stopped and a lot of babbling has filled in.  No consistent sounds yet, but I heard a lot of "na na na na" today.  Wonder what his first word will be.  Ben's was "Hi" around 13 months....but didn't have another word until about 16 or 17 months.  I'm not expecting a talker any time soon.

- Lincoln is still napping and sleeping great.  The only funny thing he does is that he plays in his crib before his afternoon nap...sometimes for 1 1/2 hour!  He's happy, so I leave him there...but as soon as I'm ready to give up on the nap and go get him....he usually fall asleep.  I'm thinking it might be time to start experimenting with his naps to see if he'd survive with only one.  That would certainly give us a little more flexibility to do fun things.....perfect time for the pool opening! :)

Well, with standing well, a few steps, babbling and 2 new teeth, this was a big month.  This next one will be even bigger as we prepare for our little guy to turn one.  I can't believe a year ago, we were just getting ready to met him!  Happy 11 months Linc!  

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