Friday, June 28, 2013

Moving from VA to GA

A little narrative about our move...

After a wedding, a bridal shower and a fair amount of packing, the 4 of us got in the car around 7:30 PM on Sunday, June 23rd, to drive to GA.  We made it as far as Salisbury, NC and stayed the night at a hotel.  We were back on the road by about 9:30 AM and made it to our house mid afternoon.  The boys were so excited and then completely passed out as we were approaching our neighborhood.

We woke them up and let them explore the house....these videos are probably very long and boring for some....but I know there are some grandparents and aunts who will want to watch them. :)

Our first few days in the house have been great.  The boys have had fun exploring and figuring out where everything is in the house.  We are still getting used to it (light switches, temperature control, etc.) but it definitely feels like home.  During our first week here, we had our first trip to the airport (with the boys) to pick up Auntie Jen, we explored the neighborhood pool, a park close to our neighborhood, the mall and many other stores, we visited the boys' school for the fall and met a few neighbors.  Pretty successful for 5 days here! :)


Papi said...

You're right about some grandparents out there who wish the videos were even LONGER. Love them! If it wasn't so late, we'd watch them a couple more times.

Brian Shields said...

Godparents like the videos too. Crap...when Aimee sees this video, I'm screwed. The house is amazing. Linc worried about falling when crossing over the walkway/hallway is awesome!