Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Washington DC Zoo

Another priority during our time in VA was going to the DC zoo to see the pandas and elephants (because they don't have them at our (old) zoo).  It was a beautiful day!

The pandas were inside and eating right up against the glass.

Ever since Ben was born, the elephant house has been closed when we visited.  The new house was finally open and 2 of the 4 elephants were enjoying some hay inside.

Then we went down to the elephant walk and caught the 11 year old (baby) coming back from his nature walk. :)

Lincoln's priorities were the monkeys ("a-keys") and the turtles.  These gorillas were very active and close to the glass.  Ben was hanging out near this one. 

Lincoln was standing against the glass admiring the little 4 year old gorilla who was running back and forth on the other side.  However, the big daddy gorilla decided to come towards the glass (not really AT Lincoln), but it appeared that way.  Maybe not the best mom-move, but I snapped a picture as Lincoln RAN away before comforting him.  I should note he was not crying or anything...just caught him off guard. :)

My handsome boys on this fun day at the zoo. 

Oh...and Lincoln's new favorite.  The turtles! (Wish I could phonetically write how he says it.  I will have to listen again when he wakes up from his nap and attempt it here.)

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Papi said...

I know the Zoo is great; but my favorite place to visit near there is the Smithsonian Air Museum at Dulles. Wow! Probably a little old for them, but it is huge and great!