Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A new friend and some big news

Lunch with a view. Ben's been doing a lot better with eating this week. Yea!

Today, we went to the Little Treehouse Play Cafe with Ben's friend, Colin, from Gymboree (who is only 4 days older than Ben). The boys had lunch together during their playtime. The highchair is a little big, Ben needed some additional back support.

Taking pictures of the boys together was not easy. Although they were both having fun...their focus was elsewhere.

Here's the big news from over the weekend....Ben's finally crawling on his knees (rather than the army crawl), although he doesn't do it often. There's about 10 minutes of this video prior to what's posted where we were waiting him out.

Both times we caught it (below) was from behind him. I bet it's cuter from the front so we will continue to try to get it. I would assume he'll be crawling more often as soon as he realizes that it's faster. Also, the second time he crawls in the video below, notice his prep. The little jump to the knees is adorable.


Papi said...

Way to go Ben! See you Saturday.

Brian Shields said...

Ben popping up to his knees like that is classic!!!