Thursday, October 1, 2009

This week update

It is increasingly difficult to get a picture of Ben because lately, the minute he sees the camera, he stops what he's doing and comes towards me. I assume he realizes the significance of the camera (similar to the house phone, cell phone and TV remote) and wants to "play" with them just like Mommy. Hopefully, he'll grow out of it or at least let me get a few pictures of him before army crawling towards me with major determination.

This week, I took Ben for an allergy test...which ended up being a regular blood draw rather than the little pricks on his back that the doctor had told me to expect. Catching me off guard (I am NOT good at giving blood), I was very nervous! Ben, on the other hand, handled it fine and didn't even make a sound when the needle went in. His only annoyance was the fact that he realized about halfway through that we were holding him in one place and he couldn't squirm around as he wanted to. It was quick and he did awesome! (We haven't found out the results yet.)

Ben has mastered the stair from our dining room to family room and last night was "chasing" Sophie up and down. Finally, she figured out the game and went to the basement to escape Ben's little grasp of her tail. This picture is from a few days ago. Last night, I tried to get out the video camera but he saw me, stopped, and crawled towards me and I missed the moment completely. Maybe next time.

Ben is also really working on his ability to pull up on things. Sometimes he's successful and sometimes he just can't make it. This is about as good as it gets when he tries to stand up on the Jumparoo on his own. I'm sure he'll be all over the place in no time...but for now, we are thankful that he moves rather slowly and can't get into too much trouble. :)

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Kathy said...

Ben's posture is so good! Glad to see his chin is healing from his little tumble!