Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun at the Playseum

Yesterday, we went to the Playseum with my mom, Jen and Jack. The Playseum is an awesome place made just for kids. Ben LOVED it!

Ben checking out a bunny.

And actually getting to PET a bunny!

Ben and Jack in the ball room.

Ben doing some shopping in the "Safeway"

His new love and potential first word.....banana! Ben has started to say "nanana" and we are just trying to show him that he's actually saying something. Still no connection.

Ben and Jack jammed for a bit.

Jack dancing was soooo adorable. One reason to be excited about Ben walking!

Bottle break. :)

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Karen said...

This place looks awesome, Kristin! I'd love to check it out when we visit, although I'm guessing it might be quite crowded on the weekends and/or we may just want to hang out as opposed to chasing the kiddos around. So glad you guys seem to be having lots of fun down there, though!! :)