Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Toy!

Toy vacuum = AWESOME! To describe Ben's love for the new toy, I had to convince him the vacuum would be better left in our garage while we go to Bouncetown for a play date instead of coming in the car with him for the ride. Who knows what would have happened when we got there. I'm not sure they'd let a vacuum on the moon bounce!

I am loving Ben's new vacuum as much as he is. Finally a toy that keeps his attention for longer than a few minutes. He vacuumed the kitchen today while I got his lunch ready and didn't whine or hang on me the whole time. What a fantastic invention. :)

These pictures were taken as soon as we got the vacuum in the house yesterday. He pulled it out of the Toys R Us bag and stood with his arms in the air while I took the packaging off. What a priceless reaction to a $15 toy!


Kathy said...

LOVE the pix. Will Ben come to my house and clean? Oh, he'll have to fight with Papi 'cuz he likes the sound of a vaccuum!

Papi said...

Toy? Why not get him a real one? You know how much time that could save you?