Sunday, August 22, 2010

Visiting Great Grandparents Enid and Mac

This weekend, we drove to Long Island to visit my grandparents for the night. We took Ben to the park that I'm sure I went to as a little kid. He had a great time following the big kids around and trying to climb like they do....this did not go over so well for Mommy and Daddy....but he had fun!

Running over for a snack.

Cheese! Ben is saying "cheese" to his Great Grandpa instead of to me.

He loved him very much. There was hand holding...

And hugging...

And some cheesey smiles from the playground.

Some close shots while Ben was chatting away.

I love this picture. The little beads of sweat on Ben's nose were in full effect (as was the curly hair).

Ben loved the porcelain dog in my grandparents dining room. He tried to ride it as well as hug and kiss it the whole time we were there. Mom, can we find the pictures of me with this dog when I was little?

He was in a kissing mood...

They have a mirrored ceiling...

A devilish look after Ben stole Grandma's necklace and ran away.

Playing outside....he needed to yell inside for Daddy....this method seemed to work well.

The excitement continued with a ride on Great Grandma's walker.

Finally, this was the cutest moment: Grandma was doing her exercises and Ben not only found another exercise band and wanted me to attach it to the other door knob, but he also tried to pull a chair over himself. Remember I mentioned the imitating in our 20 month update? So sweet.


Kathy said...

Looks like you had a great time. Weather cooperated at least on Saturday. Hopefully it didn't interfere too much on Sunday. Have fun in VA

Kathy said...

Does Ben have a special name for Mac & Enid?