Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ben's Favorite Things

As Ben gets older, the things he spends his time doing have changed a little bit. When we are home, you will most likely find Ben...

- Playing with his trains. Train play is often punctuated by "help please" and "Mommy's turn." In the last few days he's shown even more interest in the tracks as well as the "choo choo trains."
- "Coooooking." Ben wants to cook only with REAL cookware and REAL food. Typically, a pot, a bowl, a wisk, a spoon.....and a handful of pretzels.
- "Brraaaaa" (a.k.a drawing). Strangely he prefers a regular pen. If I give him crayons or markers, he spends more time lining them up than coloring with them.
- Playing with stickers...all over body parts rather than on paper. I think because he prefers to move them around rather than have them stuck in one place. (This is his approach with bandaids as well.)
- Books! He's even sleeping with them these days.
- Dancing. (His Mommy LOVES this.)
- Singing. Ben will not sing real songs, but prefers to make up his own. Always accompanied by a clap, a "snap" or drum beat, his songs tend to be only a few words over and over and over again. :)
- Play Dough. He's not great at this yet, but it does keep his attention for a long time.
- Helping Mommy with lots of things. Ben is always willing to put trash in the trash can, pour soap in the washing machine, turn on and off lights, close doors, etc. Wish he'd pick up his toys and dress himself....I guess we need to have room for improvement. :)