Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Florida Fun

We started out yesterday with a trip to the science center to learn a little bit about the South Florida animals.

Then a stop at the beach...which was quite chilly. Ben loved the sand, water, boats, shells and birds. His favorite thing to do was throw the shells into the water. (I think we've taken too many trips to throw pennies in the fountain at the mall. He thinks he's doing the same thing here.)

Sorry, a little bit of a cheesey smile...from both of us. :)

Snickers is being so patient with Ben. They have really bonded. She lets him hold and pet her. However, I think she hit her limit when he loaded her bed with some of her toys and dragged it across the floor to the kitchen....with her in it.

Ben's 2nd cousins left these necklaces here over Christmas. He wears them every day. Today, he even wore them to the grocery store.....all 5 of them.

This is the hit of the trip so far. He was afraid of it for the first 24 hours and now he won't put it away.

Finally warm enough for some pool time!

Doing a little work with Pop Pop.


Kathy said...

you look so warm!!! Enjoy your time visiting!

Papi said...

Great pictures. Ben, and everyone else, are having fun. Keep the pictures coming!