Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Development and Behavioral Update

I thought now that Ben was 2, I wouldn't feel the need to do the monthly update on what's going on with him. However, I didn't realize that THIS is when he's doing and learning so many new things. Since this has ended up being my sole place to document such things, I will bore/entertain you with a few updates:

- I already mentioned Ben's need for things tidy. Today, at a friend's house, Ben realized they had moved their play kitchen to make space for a new easel. Ben tried to pull the kitchen across the whole room saying "back! back!" and then proceeded to get visibly upset when I told him it was ok where it was. He also was quite disturbed that the door on the coffee maker was left open and when we left their house, that we left the lights on.

- Ben has just REALLY started to put two words together. It's very exciting because not only is it easier to understand him, but it allows him to say so much more! I'm loving every "shoes on," "daddy's book," "lights off," "choo choo train, " etc. that comes out of his mouth.

- Ben has discovered the art of standing on things to reach things that are usually not within his reach. He pulls chairs, stuffed animals, boxes, etc. to where he wants them for standing purposes. I realized this was a huge problem when he pulled his anywhere chair into the kitchen to open and operate the toaster oven so he can hear it "ding ding." Just when I thought everything was baby-proofed, he's literally brought it to new heights.

I guess those were the three things I was thinking of and wanting to write down. I suppose I will add if I think of more. Hope everyone is enjoying this icy day (unless you're in FL, in which case - we'll be there soon!!!!!!)


Kathy said...

Haven't seen Papi for days...He's out snow blowing the neighborhood. Good thing I'm stuck in the house... have no money to shop 'cuz I'm not working! I'm going to be going to work/school until July. Keep the blog entries coming... LOVE them!!!!

Aimee said...

Just wait until he makes his own waffle. Keep everything unplugged!!!!