Monday, April 4, 2011

Trip to NJ to visit the Sher Family

Ben and I went to Bern's house today to meet Baby Brendan and visit with Bern, Mike and Michael. Ben took it upon himself to do a little yard work.

My beautiful friend with her new bundle of joy.....Brendan is almost 6 weeks old!

"Really, Mom? I'm working here!"

The 750 Boys (minus baby Jack, who lives in Milford, CT).

I love Brendan trying to hold Ben's hand.

After like 25 pictures, this is the only one of both of them smiling.....Brendan, on the other hand, looks like he's hit his limit.

Thanks for having us!


Katie said...

I LOVE these pictures! It looks like it was a really fun visit. I wish that Jack could have been there, too, but sometime soon enough we'll have to get all the boys together. Talk soon!

Kathy said...

Everyone looks great! Michael is a big boy!

The Sher Family said...

Kris-Thanks for visiting & your sweet comment! As always, it was great to see you & Ben. We look forward to meeting your new bundle of joy in July!