Friday, April 22, 2011

Visiting the Easter Bunny's House

Christa and I took Kate and Ben to see the Easter Bunny at Linvilla Orchards on Thursday. Ben was very excited to see the "Easters Nunny" and still talks about giving him a hug (even though he was pretty hesitant when we were actually there).

Not sure what's going through his head here. He was actually enjoying himself, but just couldn't smile for some reason.

Trying to get a picture of them both looking at the camera was pretty much impossible.

Easter kisses. He was equally excited about the "Easters Nunny house" and the "tractor moving" that was pulling our hay ride.

Happily posing. I realized afterwards that I don't think he even knew he had the bunny ears on the whole time because they were on top of his hat. We'll see how he does if I try to put them on him this weekend!

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LairdNYC said...

Those Easter Bunny ears look ADORABLE on Ben! I hope that you were able to get some pictures today of him wearing those again. More pictures, please!!